Production and propagation of sound

Acoustics is the part of physics that deals with the study of sound, i.e. the cause of the impressions transmitted to the brain by the organ of hearing.

A sound body is any body capable of producing sound.

Whenever a body makes a sound, experience shows that a body vibrates. A vibratory movement is a back and forth movement on either side of a question of balance.

To prove that a sound is always due to the vibratory movement of a material body, one can make many experiments that make vibrations too fast to be directly visible.

Sound is a vibratory frequency. This can be observed in the daily use of instruments by musicians. The percussion with a stick or the hands, the breath for wind instruments, the clash caused by the movement for the rain sticks and many others.

Now, scientists are becoming more and more aware that nature is also composed of sounds, melodies linked to each plant, each tree, but it goes further, we humans are also concerned. And just as plants heal by listening to certain classical music (Mozart, Vivaldi, to name but a few), we can also heal with sounds of a particular frequency.

Our body being composed essentially of water, we react strongly to this. I leave you to research more on the subject by yourselves.

Acoustics are at the heart of our lives. However, few people are able to listen to the whisper of their soul in the silence of their being. I will give you tips each month in connection with art and personal development to accompany as best I can those who need it.

Take back the sovereignty of silence and realize that those you listen to will always impact you, so tune into the hertzian frequencies that match you.

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