Hello everyone,

I want to explain my absence.

Since July 12, 2021, with the speech of the « President of the Republic », my life has changed, even more than last year. I have had ups and downs, awful moments of loneliness, of missing the people I love that I haven’t seen since last year, or even longer… I suffered a lot and I got up again. Now I move forward. I act. I want to participate in the world of tomorrow. The one that starts today… Act now for the world after.

I will now share with you a project I am embarking on.

I am going to buy a piece of land in France in order to create a cultural ecolieu. For this, I will need you. A small financial contribution to create a better future. I prefer to ask for help rather than to try nothing. I prefer to dare to ask rather than to hide in silence. In shame. Asking for help can be necessary in life. I have faith in myself. In you.

I begin to inquire about possible accompaniments, legal statutes, possibilities of financing, the infinite ideas to be done on such a big place. I became a child again but with a greater maturity, a wisdom coming from the Heart.

What is the project ?

Restore an authentic hamlet in Aveyron (Occitanie region) in a first step. To welcome animals: chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls… To welcome artists in residence and for shows without any discrimination. A cultural center where the library shares knowledge that cannot be found everywhere, in different languages. To find relevant books to broaden our vision of the world.

I’m not looking to be known. I’m just me, a human looking to fulfill her childhood dream. My childhood dream. If I can do it in France, maybe I can do it in Portugal too, one day ?

My project is turned as much towards the local, the national and the international. I like diversity, differences are our strength. And this is one of the main values of this cultural eco-environment project.

In order for them to come true, I call upon another essential value to set up such an ambitious project and make it concrete: mutual aid. I appeal to your hearts, to your generosity to make a person happy who will help to pass on his happiness of being through the transmission of knowledge, exceptional unknown artists accompanied by their creations as rich in meaning as the others. And much more!

Thank you to those who will pass on the message. Thank you even more to those who will dare to put themselves in this seed of project so that it can blossom.

The land has unfortunately been sold. I’ll look for another one, but to be safe, I’ll keep its location secret. At least on the blog.

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