Landscape photography with Marie Gransard

Hello Marie, can you please introduce yourself in a few lines ?

My name is Marie Gransard, I am 63 years old, retired for a few years. I was born in Brittany, in Vannes, which I have never left. I like travelling a lot and especially the American West where I have been several times. It was an opportunity for me to take a lot of pictures.

Dry boat in the Gulf of Morbihan

Where does your love for photography come from ?

I’ve always been more or less involved in photography. At the beginning, it was mostly children of course, my animals but also landscapes during my vacations, my trips. Then I started to do scrapbooking to highlight these photos, then I took some photography courses to highlight my scrapbooks and it became a passion.

Pointe du Percho in St Pierre Quiberon

Why landscapes in particular ?

I am lucky to live in a region rich in landscapes, especially with the sea, which allows me to have completely different photos depending on the time of day, the changing light, the movements of the water, the tides… I am always in awe of the beauty of the landscapes that surround me and yet I know them perfectly.

Port of St Goustan in Auray

Do you use a digital or analog camera ? Why do you do this ?

I have been using an SLR for several years now, which allows me to have a better quality of photos depending on the settings I use. I also like to take « a little bit of everything » and to see the result on my screen when I come back, which I could not do with film where taking pictures is limited with the purchase of film and prints. Sometimes there are nice surprises. It’s a personal choice to have fun in taking pictures and not to take it too seriously, it remains for me a passion but mostly a hobby.

What photographic techniques do you use ?

I don’t use any technique, I make my photos by instinct, the desire of the moment, the subject to photograph… I can make minimalist photos with few colors or monochrome, few details in the landscape… as well as photos that we would say more classical. I also sometimes like to use a crystal ball, to see the landscape reflected in it.

St Cado in Belz

What inspires you to take pictures ?

Everything can inspire me as well as the landscapes, the fauna, the flora… I don’t limit myself, everything depends on what presents itself.


Why are you so attached to Brittany ?

I was born in Vannes in the Morbihan that I have never left, I love this area and the Gulf of Morbihan, I never tire of these landscapes. My mother’s family comes from the Gulf of Morbihan and my father’s from Brest in Finistère, so it was 100% Breton for the previous generations. I could not see myself living anywhere else but here.

Alignments of Carnac

How do you see France now ?

I still have many regions and corners to visit in France, I would dream of having a van and leaving with my dog to discover all these beautiful landscapes. But I also have a great passion for the American West where I went several times, so I have to make choices about my visits and trips.

Can you tell us about the meeting with your editor ?

I was posting my pictures of Breton landscapes on a Facebook group called « la Bretagne en photos ». A publisher from Mont de Marsan, Laurent Signoret, spotted my photos and contacted me. He wanted to publish a book « Brittany in 500 photos », he was looking for 100 professional or amateur photographers to publish 5 of their photos. At first I thought it was a joke but I saw that he had already done « Gironde in 500 photos » and « Landes in 500 photos ». So I accepted the challenge. It is a participative project, that is to say that the photographers committed themselves to sell a part of the books. So I chose to benefit the SNSM (Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer), an important association for all those who live on the coast, as well as a little Nepalese girl that I sponsor. So by buying a book, it is also a good deed that is done.

How do you feel about this editorial change in your photography activity ?

As I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself and in what I do, the proposal to edit my photos allowed me to be proud of my photos and to believe a little more in myself. It gives me even more pleasure to know that my photos are appreciated, especially since I have had requests to buy some of my photos and a painter has contacted me to reproduce some of my photos, I must admit that it is quite pleasing.

Boat cemetery in Plouhinec

What is art for you ? And an artist ?

Vast question and very subjective but art for me is to see the beauty in everything, to accept the emotions which come, to open its senses to be able to feel at most what the artist wanted to transmit.

Arch of Port Blanc in St Pierre Quiberon

What does art bring to your life ?

A real happiness. Photography allows me to escape, to go on an adventure with my camera, to discover new sites and then share my pictures.

What would you advise to someone who wants to get into landscape photography?

Follow your intuition, your feelings, first of all take the time to admire what you are about to take a picture of in order to be able to pass it in your shot and especially for me, the most important thing is to take pleasure in doing what you are doing whatever the activity is.

Anything to add about you and your work ? Or anything else ?

Thank you for making discover my universe.

People who might be interested in the photo book on Brittany, do not hesitate to contact me by mail :

The price is 29 €.

Thank you very much for this exchange !

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