The representative word

A word, by nature, manifests a meaning to designate an object, an abstraction or a person. It has many functions in relation to its situation in the sentence.

Let’s imagine that you are a word in society. And that each new word is a continuation of your original word, your word identity, your name and surname. In your infinite book, you are building a book right here that is your present incarnation. You manifest meaning through your actions and interactions with others.

The « vous » becomes « tu » in French but does not change in English.

The function of the word changes according to its location in relation to the other words.

The word represents what it designates but it is only a tiny manifestation of its own essence. However, the word, in its linear continuity, has a unique logic and organization, in one language and in another. How to apprehend a color? How to describe a color that others cannot?

The word is representative and by this very fact, it is integrated into a greater whole that it does not always conceive.

In the theater, the word is transmission, emission, application of meaning, silence, multiple and one. It expands, metamorphoses permanently. It is never the same.

In our so-called democratic society, the word representative is supposed to imitate in its meaning and objectives a percentage of many other very different words. Words that cannot always be expressed. The political correctness is a set of words admitting only the convention of certain senses that orient the perception of the world of the book of the Earth. It limits the imagination, the creation, the beauty, the solidarity, the natural goodness of the human being. Words express an insulting meaning because they have no more arguments. Words are permanently locked in the labels put on other words, without realizing that they have created themselves what they criticize. Words that oppose each other occupy the word that forgets to look for its meaning, that forgets to think.

The representative word gets swallowed up in labels. It becomes incapable of performing its function in the sentences it composes because it ignores its true meaning. The labyrinth of labels is the media world. And the cultural world depends on many of these narrow sentences, artificially manufactured to try to pass ideas, free or conventional, beautiful, rebellious or wise, questioning our behavior of words with an ego that forgets its meaning, its existence. The illusory derisory becomes the norm of intellectual mediocrity. The representative word, finally, is not the shadow of itself, or its opposite, it is the shadow of its ego and it loses its marks in a world upset of prefabricated ideas. Of oppositions and struggles of power unceasingly renewed.

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