Morgan Elisabeth

Hello, can you please introduce yourself in a few lines ? Who are you ?

Hi ! I am an art history and fine arts student from a rural town in Connecticut, USA. If there was one word, I could use to describe myself it would be curious. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with figuring out how things worked. Weather I was taking apart the door handles in my house just to figure out how they fit back together; or spending hours learning the anatomy of an armadillo just so I could draw it better, I was always learning new things and always creative. In addition to being creative I love learning about human nature and psychology, as well as criminology/ legal studies.

What is your vision of the art ? What is an artist for you ?

In my eyes, everything has a sense of art to it. For example, the way that the sun shines in through the windows each morning and blankets the room with warm light is so beautiful and peaceful I could stare at it for hours in fascination, the same way one would stare at a painting by Vermeer. To me, an artist is anyone who finds beauty in making things or enjoys altering our perception of certain object or image.

What is the vision of art in your country ? And for the artist, how does it work ?

I think art in America is all about aesthetics. Everyone is constantly very focused on advancement and getting better. Oftentimes in the media we see pictures of the ideal lives, they show people relaxing, in large homes going on expensive vacations to sacred sites. Everyone strives for the extravagant and excessive lifestyles while also striving for some form spiritual freedom and enlightenment at the same time. I belive it is the artists job to show Americans that these things do not come together. There is a sense of simplicity that is shown in spiritual art. As well as, there is a sense of excess that is felt when the art is rooted in materialism and wealth.

Why share your art on Instagram ? Is it important to you ?

Originally, I started sharing my art on Instagram as a way for my professors at school to see my work. Occasionally we would have extra credit assignments that involved making posts about what we were working on. As time progressed Instagram became a space to share any and all art I am working on. Right now, I am taking a short break from posting to develop some of my skills, but I hope to return for the fall of 2021 with many new pieces to add to my page! It is important to me to show my work publicly because it allows people from all over the world to have a glimpse into what it’s like to be living though someone else’s eyes.

Do you particularly like visual arts, manipulating materials ?

I love to create art in any way I can. I love learning about different types of art and experimenting with new mediums and ideas.

How do you see yourself in the future. Professional artist ?

I don’t know if I will necessarily become a professional artist, but I definitely see myself as a professional in the art world. I would love to study more about the laws of censorship within art and the legal processes that go along with discovering and renovating ancient art.

Can you tell us something unusual about yourself ? And about your work ?

I think the most unusual thing about me as an artist is my range of artistic skills. One day I could be putting together a clothing garment from a pattern a made myself, and the next I could be building furniture or painting a mural.

What is your point of view on the current situation, which is difficult for artists like you ? How do you feel about it ?

The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives across the globe to some degree. I am very fortunate to be able to stay at my home during the pandemic and do school online, however this made it a bit more difficult to take fine art classes.  

Throughout the entirety of the pandemic the most difficult aspect I have felt is a lack of motivation. Nothing I would be working on at college felt important enough to be focusing on while there was a pandemic happening. I ended up taking a break from school the spring semester of 2021 and have been making an effort to do things to make myself and the people around me happier and healthier.

Thank you on the other side of the Atlantic.

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