Tatiana Saavedra

Hello Tatiana, can you please introduce yourself in a few lines ?

I am a photographer based in Lisbon. Deeply inspired by symbolism and naturalism I found my purpose through the symbiosis between man and nature, materializing my words, and my imagination on frames; painted with melancholy and primal instinct.

What is your vision of the art ? What is an artist for you ?

An artist is a master manipulator of deep emotions without taking away the realness of it, preventing himself from possibly becoming a counterfeit. Someone who aims the flowers in the garbage and finds a wonderful piece of beauty in it.

What led you to express yourself through the art of images ? How did you get the desire to take pictures ?

When I was only 9 years old my father, also a photographer, gave me a camera and it quickly became my favorite toy ever since.  I’m influenced by cinema and painting, colors, the sea, words, music, the moon, and especially people.
I guess what motivates me to photography, is people in general and how I can materialize their essence with my vision.
Perhaps there is an umbilical relationship between what I do and my emotions, my feelings, my subconscious. I don’t transfigure myself. What I see when the camera is in front of me is what I really am (whatever that means).

Your way of seeing the world is poetic, always with human beings mixed with nature. Why this choice ?

I think that Nature is the greatest poet of them all. The connection between mankind as whole and nature is inalienable and essential. It is often called the « Art of Coexistence ».
I find myself in a trial-and-error process of fancying the most naturalistic point of a human pose, of a composition, of a color palette. I am amused by the idea of recreating a place on a framing without losing its natural state. It often feels like a dance, finding a rhythm of shifting power and control and being lost in the moment.

What are you trying to convey through your art ?

I consider the fascinating range of human emotions, the wonderfulness of life and nature in everything I do. I am interested in the play between what is private and public and how to show something of the sitter that is not forced for the camera and seems intimate.

Do you like to work in collaboration with other artists? Have you already done so ?

I’ve worked in collaboration a few times in the course of my career, it’s easy to say that all started in an academic situation until most recently I’ve partnered with the film production company Promenade, it was a gratifying experience and I hope I get to do more collabs with experienced artists in the future.

About your technics of photography, t’s in the same time for the cameras (analogue and digital) you use and after you will create with this images ?

It depends on the session. I use mostly just one that I choose  previously but I have always both analogue and digital with me
I have always a specific idea , and I take some time to do the composition, at the same time is very intuitive.

Have you ever been exhibited ?

I am very excited because there is an exhibition on the horizon. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the official dates are still yet to be determined, so for now I can’t say much more. Only that it will be in Paris and later this year.

Can you tell us something unusual about yourself ? And about your work ?

Since a young age I lived in many places across Portugal, Spain, Macau, USA and Germany. I think photography was revealing and instinctive, and a way for me to capture the memory of which each place and culture transmits me.
About my work I like to have a clear communication with the people I photograph, the trust is important from both sides, to a certain extent, for us to be willing to be in a vulnerable situation and embrace that naturally; I tend to portray mostly quiet and reflective characters loaded with emotions bubbling under the surface. To be able to capture that spontaneity is the key, in my perspective, well and to let the creativity flow without any blocks or strict rules as of sorts.

What is your point of view on the current situation, which is difficult for artists like you ? How do you feel about it ?

Being an artist in Portugal is not easy and being a photographer for a full-time living, which is my goal, it’s hard. Due to the pandemic situation everything its harder now. Not only for photographers.
But I believe that even in the darkest times there are some windows of opportunity down the line. It’s incredibly noble to see so many magazines and curators investing time and money as well as awarding photography talents all around the world in the peak of the pandemic. Also, I think your role as an artist can be using this troubled period as a source of inspiration and a way to spread your message. I’ve put everything in perspective and used this time to learn and improve my technique, but also to mature my vision and to learned that sometimes you cannot write in stone your future, and there will always be challenges to your life path as an artist, as a human being.

Thank you for your generosity and your kindness.



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